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  • 09-Jan-2014 to 12-Feb-2014 (MST)
  • Park City/Midway/Wallsburg, UT, USA
  • $15/hour
  • Hourly
  • Part Time


The ABA Tutor will be passionate about working with young children with autism on a part-time basis in a home environment. The ABA Tutor will find opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving engaging. Dependability is important, but genuine caring and the desire to make a positive impact in a child's life is what we in the Bridges program are all about! The ABA Tutor must have a high school diploma/GED, but a bachelor's degree in a related field is preferred. At least six months of experience working with children with autism is required, but two years of experience is preferred. Knowledge of the various treatments for autism such as ABA and Floor Time is preferred. The ABA Tutor must have an acceptable driving record with reliable transportation, pass a Background Criminal Investigation, and pass a TB test. Some evening and weekend work is necessary to fulfill the job requirements.

Communication Skills: The ABA Tutor must be able to effectively communicate in English in both written and verbal formats on a professional level.

Organization Skills: The ABA Tutor must be able to work independently, lead individualized behavioral therapy sessions in a home setting with young children, involve and communicate with families and team. The ABA Tutor must be proficient at organizing and managing work materials. Records must be kept up-to-date, including service documentation, task checklists, and caseload documentation. The ABA Tutor must demonstrate attention to detail by thoroughly and accurately tracking therapeutic data in sessions by computer entry, filling out forms, as well as other documentation as necessary.

Collaboration Skills: The ABA Tutor must contribute meaningfully to the Autism Team by active participation in meetings; clear, effective, and timely communication through established channels; resolving job, task, and interpersonal challenges and differences with optimism and within the appropriate team context.

Interpersonal Skills: The ABA Tutor must be able to establish and maintain relationships of mutual respect and trust with children, client families, co-workers and community partners. This includes:

  • Being a good listener by responding appropriately to both verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Convey information in a manner so as to be easily understood.
  • Present personal point of view without offending or alienating others.
  • Express oneself honestly, but in a manner that is also courteous, respectful, and professional.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information.

Technological Skills: The ABA Tutor must be proficiency in using Microsoft Word, Excel and accessing information in web-based formats, including the use of common internet search engines.. This includes using a PC to submit and maintain personal work records, send and receive internal and external e-mail communications, find and view materials in the curriculum database, and to compose and edit documents.

Knowledge of Child Development: The ABA Tutor must be familiar with a variety of topics related to early child development and education, including typical and atypical development, intervention strategies, and how these strategies influence development.

Philosophical Compatibility: The ABA Tutor must be able to complete job tasks in a manner compatible with the following KOTM philosophy statements:

Optimum child development is achieved in the context of the child's family relationships, especially with mother and father.

  • Parents are the experts on their own child(ren) and should be full partners in decision making and program implementation.
  • Developmental interventions are most effective when embedded in child and family daily routines.
  • Children with special needs of all ages should be fully included in the mainstream of community life.
  • Positive change occurs when we build on people's strengths, rather than magnify their needs.
  • Services are most effective for families when tailed to meet individual needs and are provided through a collaborative team effort.

The ABA Tutor collaborates as part of the Bridges Autism Team to meet the needs of individual children through best practice interventions.


  1. Participate as a member of the KOTM Autism Team in implementing individualized and group programs that develop social, language, life and academic skills of autistic children
  2. Conduct specific behavioral therapy with child according to instruction and guidance from supervisor
  3. Administer behavioral drills and specific behavior therapy in a home environment
  4. Collect data, prepare summaries and record anecdotal therapy notes, maintain and organize student program notebook
  5. Encourage child in communication and appropriate social interactions
  6. Assist in maintaining a disciplined and orderly therapy session
  7. Attend all required meetings and trainings
  8. Receive and respond appropriately to voice messages, emails, faxes and mail in a timely manner
  9. Regularly report outcomes to supervisor and parents through regularly scheduled team progress meetings
  10. Update team members on child and family status through voice-mail, e-mail, team meetings, and other appropriate modes of communication
  11. Provide ongoing assessments, instruction and communication for children enrolled in Bridges program
  12. Lead children and parents in a structured classroom setting
  13. Advertise Program services and recruit children needing program services
  14. Adhere to all company policies and codes of conduct,
  15. Other tasks as assigned

Regular Meetings:

  1. Autism Staff Meetings
  2. Team Child Progress Meetings
  3. One-on One Supervisory Meetings
  4. Appropriate Community Meetings



This position has been closed and is no longer available.
Kids On The Move


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